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It was Los Angeles in the 20s, and Pearl arrived with stars in her eyes. It was a time of prohibition and revelry was short in supply. Pearl realized her calling wasn’t on the screen, rather it was the LA social scene, and she was destined to shine.

She then decided to open a jewelry shop on a barren strip known for it’s sunset view. Soon after, Pearl curiously investigated a locked door tucked away in the corner. A cadenced knock and whispered code granted her entrance to a hidden backroom. It was filled with music and decadence, and before long the Sunset Strip was known worldwide.

If Eve was born of Adam then Pearl flipped the roles, for here women made the rules. These stunning and sharp ladies held the key to bliss, and their misters were happy to be along for the ride. Many powerful men tried to woo Pearl, but she couldn’t be tamed. It’s said that Duke Ellington invented swing simply to watch her move. Pearl’s trail is marked by epic nights, broken hearts and blissful smiles. Today, she continues to serve sinful delights in her upscale shop on the sunset strip.