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Pearl arrived in Hollywood with her sights set on a stardom and a glimmer in her eye.  But 1930 was a time of prohibition and fascism, and indulgence was in short supply.

She soon found that her talents were not so much on the silver screen but more so in making arrangements.  She opened a small floral shop on Sunset Boulevard.  The right password would allow a privileged few to make it past the fragrant smell of fresh flowers into the backroom and upstairs to a lavish untamed world.

It was said that if you asked the right way, Pearl could make any arrangement your heart desired.  And like a daisy whirling in a stormy wind, she presided over the party giving attention to her guest’s every pleasure.

Over the years Pearl has left a trail of wilted flowers, broken bottles and sensational parties in her wake.  And she continues to this day—serving up decadent delights in an unassuming oasis with a gorgeous view.  A place that modern day pleasure seekers simply refer to as, Pearl’s.